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nutritional boosts

Make the best water better. Our energy boost is packed full of B vitamins. Our electrolyte boost contains over 72 minerals and trace minerals. Our protein boost is a collagen based protein with the full spectrum of essential amino acids, and our immune boost is a potent combination of immune enhancing vitamins in a delicious Tropical Pineapple Mango.


All of our boosts are sugar free and delicious.

drink with clarity

Drink Up uses the sites water and filters it to an incredible level of purity. Then it’s vitalized to bring back its spring water resonance – returning the water’s original life force. 

This water doesn't spend life trapped in little plastic bottles. Perfectly chilled water flows from every Drink Up station, then you customize it with your choice of nutritional boost.

the line up


Essential B vitamins + caffeine extracted from organic green tea and ginseng


18 grams of collagen-based protein + full spectrum amino acids


Infused with 72 naturally occurring minerals


1000 Mg vitamin C + Zinc and Vitamin D

drink to give back

You need water. The world needs water too. Now, every time you fill your bottle with Drink Up water, you’re helping bring safe water and sanitation to those who need it. Feel good and do good at the same time. A portion of every Drink Up sale goes to the non-profit

Out with the bad. In with the good. Think of our Drink Up stations as your personalized bottling plant, creating perfectly chilled, ultra-pure water at the touch of a button. 

the only healthy beverage station that serves vitalized water and nutritional boosts

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