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Sweet boosts – no added sugar

Add a boost and make the best water better for you. Drink Up nutritional boosts deliver a shot of flavor and exactly what your body needs in the moment. The best tasting vitalized water is even better with the boost of your choice.


Stay focused and alert with essential B-Vitamins in a delicious cranberry grape flavored boost. Perk up with caffeine extracted from organic green tea and a ginseng energy booster.



Niacin; B-3 for overall good health

B-5 for making red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body

B-6 to boost your mood and improve brain functioning

B-12 to keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy

Ginseng – a natural energy booster

80mg caffeine naturally extracted from organic green tea

No added sugar!


Build and repair muscle tissue with your ideal workout companion. Drink Up’s watermelon protein boost is collagen-based, making it easier to absorb a full spectrum of essential amino acids. Feel great about a sugar-free protein boost with no fats, carbs, or lactose.



Hydrolyzed collagen-based protein your body can assimilate in just 15 minutes

10 different amino acids

No added sugar!


Fuel up with electrolyte-enhanced endurance in strawberry peach flavor. Add 72 naturally-occurring minerals for peak performance and balanced pH. Replace fluids and electrolytes without the calories of a sports drink.




72 naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals

No added sugar!


Give yourself ultimate immunity protection with our Tropical Pineapple Mango immune boost Mega -dosed with vitamin C along with Zinc and Vitamin D to supercharge your immune system.



1000 Mg vitamin C


Vitamin D

No added sugar!

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