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why Drink Up

Drink Up was created with the idea that everyone should have access to clean, safe drinking water. It’s simply not sustainable to be producing, shipping, and disposing of individual plastic bottles.

We found a better way.

We understand that big change can come from changing a small habit. When you choose to re-fill your personal water bottle at a Drink Up station, you’re not only choosing healthy, vitalized water with good-for-you nutrients; you’re using one less bottle and helping one more community get access to safe water.

Drink Up. Good for your body. Good for communities. Good for the earth.

Good for you!

Faber Dewar

Born in Scotland and raised in England, Faber Dewar cultivated a love of woodworking from a young age. In Venice, California, Faber’s custom furniture craftsmanship caught the attention of the hit TV show, Trading Spaces.


It was on the set of Trading Spaces, where he spent 5 seasons as the show’s carpenter, that Faber came face-to-face with the reality of plastic packaging waste. He saw how each shooting day ended with dozens of half-consumed water bottles littered around the set. This was the beginning of Faber’s quest for a better way to deliver fresh water.


Even though Faber had pursued other interests since his marine biology studies in Hawaii, he harkened back to those days by the ocean. Learning about the disparities in access to water among different communities sparked the idea for a company that would do well by doing good. That’s how Drink Up was born.


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