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Drink Up stations are not only elegant, they’re easy and convenient to use; and practically hands-off for you and your team. Every Drink Up station is remotely monitored 24/7. We take care of everything; you get real-time information on sales, system health, security, and water quality.

be a water hero

the science of better hydration

Before it reaches your bottle, Drink Up water flows through the station’s micro-filtration process, removing lead, chlorine, fluoride, and other contaminants. An ultraviolet filter slays harmful viruses and bacteria. 


What makes Drink Up water truly unique is the vitalization process - a patented Swiss technology that returns the water’s mountain-spring life force. With the touch of a button, add your choice of naturally sweet nutritional boost, customizing your water to your body’s needs. 

Drink Up anywhere

On-the-go or having fun, everyone needs a source of healthy hydration.  Drink Up Beverage Stations belong wherever people (safely) gather. 


Airports, malls, community spaces; Drink Up offers a contactless and plastic-free solution to drinking better water.

Drink Up where
you play

Keep the whole team performing at the highest level.


Always have the best water available for your athletes.  Drink Up Stations offer nutritional boosts to replenish the body before, during and after practice.

Drink Up where
you learn

Hydration is essential to learning. 


Drinking water improves concentration and mood. Drink Up Beverage Stations are the perfect choice for high schools and college campuses. 


Fill up a reusable bottle on-the-go and keep students focused.

Drink Up where
you work

Drink Up Beverage Stations replace bottled water at a fraction of the cost and are practically hands-off for you and your team. 


Our beverage stations offer an eco-friendly and safe way to keep your staff hydrated at work, with a boost of energy, focus or immunity.

customized without contact

Fill your bottle with confidence.


There’s never been a more important time to take good care of your customers and staff. Every Drink Up Beverage Station is designed with your safety in mind. 


Select your beverage size, flavor and payment method easily with just a few taps on your personal device. Then fill your bottle with a boost at a contactless beverage station.


Drink safe. Drink Up.


Learn more about our Drink Up Stations and contactless filling & payments.

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